on arrival…

your wish is our command

we turn your dreams to reality

Blazon is created with Soul that is meant to stay

We are not only in the Hotel business we are in the business of providing a service of excellence combined with outstanding craftsmanship skills. Blazon creates those magical ‘memorable moments’. Whether it is to be scattered with roses for that romantic proposal to your preferred linen or choice of room, view and elite furniture décor services, its all ready for you.

Our Motto is whatever you want

‘anything is available’ ‘anytime you want it‘

creating flexible services around the clock for the affluent traveller.

Although Blazon hotels are new in uniqueness as an exciting start-up it is envisaged they will last and will be around for the next 100 years.


Our Concierge is at the heart of our service providing a unique operating philosophy of the

Blazon brand. Blazon delivers expertise in skills that serve the consumer, client, investor

and customer, by providing a tailor-made menu of services and choices to deliver

whatever you require whenever you require it.

luxury client

The Blazon special guest will be a luxury client that is well travelled and has high

expectations and lives a sophisticated lifestyle fit for their wealth. This traveller has lived and enjoys

the wealthy lifestyle they have earned.


This is what differentiates

The BLAZON group of Hotel from its competitors.

…is a knowledge of delivering expertise in know-how as an experienced sommelier will

have spent many years mastering the art of wines to match your pallet when asked by the

Multi billionaire which wine should I chose, will embellish the taste buds creating an experience

that delivers the right product for the right choice.

lifestyle choices – 7 golden keys

if you can dream a reality

We sell dreams in the eyes of the dreamer; we can make your dreams come true

With the Concierge everything is possible

Craftsmanship meets Luxury tailor-made to suit your needs

F & B will be memorable; every meal will be an experience, skilled craftsmanship to please your pallet

Innovation places

The innovation lounge Cafes & Meeting places privileged with an abundance of quality, refined tastes and food served noble in relaxing settings for those idyllic chilling and relaxing moments. Rooms that are recognized for the elegance and stature of a typical drawing room.


Specific to your requirements, themed furniture, bed linen and decorated surroundings to suit your journey of experiences.

Choices menu Linen, pillows, décor and creating that ambiance from flowers petals to a romantic dinner to warmth and décor to a dream-home from home. Created by you in the surroundings to make you stay magic and memorable.

Our trademark the MIRROR as a standard feature synonymous with the BLAZON BRAND group of hotels. The Mirror will be the main focal point on entering your room. A Mirror is a reflection of how you see yourself. A mirror in the Blazon design of a visual artistry.


Café and Interactive lounge

Private resident members club

Butler Service at your request making every client count

why blazon

Creating a hotel service that delivers constant craftsmanship skills in a perfect service.

Blazon founders in their passion and dedication to the Hotel and the tourism industry have created

The BLAZON experience.


To deliver a Hotel that stands alone in uniqueness, a flexible Hotel giving the customer that lasting

magical memorable concierge experience.


Delivering an outstanding success to the Hotel Industry that will be envied and followed by others

Whatever you want YOUR wish is our command – “Anywhere Anytime Anyplace”

once upon a time…

WE began with a dream…

BLAZON has awoken the dream and the reality is that we don’t only do Craftsmanship we live and breathe it.
Craftsmanship is in our DNA and we look forward to serving you
The dream will live on with the BLAZON HOTELS

want to know more?

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