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Smart Hospitality Solutions (SHS) is a specialist hotel operating and management company and positioned to be an industry innovator and game changer in hospitality management. The founders of SHS have successfully opened and operated over 200 hotels across the world with internationally-recognized brands within the Kempinski, Swissotel, Peninsula, Hyatt, Mandarin, Starwood and InterContinental brand umbrella’s. From design and architecture reviews to brand evaluations and debt sourcing, the SHS differentiator is a hands-on approach and operational expertise that can ensures success of the launch, the company and value to investors over a very long time.

The three unique, global brands that are operated by and define SHS are Blazon, Contempera and a wellness brand Softouch Hotels. Each hotel is unique, the goals individual and the service entirely hand crafted and authentic. This is why the SHS name is not central to any establishment the brand operates. Instead, it is the individualised identity of the hotel where the value created and retained - within the hotel and for the sole benefit of the owner.

The two founders of SHS are both industry veterans with 100 years of experience between them. The changing landscape of hotel operating market, the standardised offering of the major hotel chains and the sheer rejection of traditional business models by the new age customers was transformatory learning for the founders. They seized the opportunity and met that challenge head on, by creating their own company SHS and their three brands Blazon, Contempera and Softouch bring back the idea of genuine hospitality. The idea was to craft a unique hotel brand that is fully customisable and offers exceptional expertise in management to independent hoteliers.

Smart Hospitality Solutions (SHS) purpose is to cooperate and partner to propose investment opportunities from three star, deluxe to trophy hotels to be managed under its three brands Blazon, Contempera and Softouch. The fund shall also propose to SHS projects viewed by the fund as potential investment opportunities. In that instance SHS’s responsibility will be to vet these opportunities and provide appropriate recommendation.

As travellers change their vacationing patterns, they want more out of their experiences than some of the traditional big-brand hotel chains can offer. SHS brands seek out well-heeled and well-travelled consumers seeking authentic natural, cultural and historically-significant travel experiences which we provide through our three brands Blazon, Contempera and Softouch Hotels. Five star and trophy assets will be managed by Blazon, the mid-range assets will be managed under the Contempera brand and the spa and wellness resorts will be managed under Softouch brand.

SHS has a unique proposition that is designed to fit the needs of the customer it is looking to attract. The brands of SHS are not cookie-cutter in terms of design or experience, and they display distinct characteristics of the target market. Differentiation of SHS comes from truly understanding its guest and ability to deliver services offering a distinctive taste of hospitality. SHS would organise the investments under four business lines: trophy hotel properties in gateway cities; mid-market hotel investments in high quality assets, a pool of dynamic spa and wellness centred resorts and interest in mixed use developments with retail, commercial or residential elements.

The SHS brands will offer a suite of hallmark services, are design-centric, value conscious line of hotels which are to be located in gateway cities internationally. The locations chosen for the SHS portfolio of hotels are global, diversified and carry the potential to attract a highly varied market segment - from the traditional leisure or wellness traveller to business guests and events and conventions.

The mature market investments will be in western Europe, North America and other selected world metropoles. By implication these are more expensive to acquire and/or build and generally trophy assets in such AAA cities change hands for anywhere between 1 million to 2 million Euros per key. At the same time, we believe that the greatest opportunities lie in emerging markets with the highest returns as long as currency, political and economic risks are carefully weighted.

Smart Hospitality Solutions business formula is clearly a fool proof strategy, as evidenced by the growing popularity of boutique brands globally. We utilize a conservative capital structure and deliver attractive returns through development and operations. Innovative business models for development and management allow us to effectively and economically manage the smaller and highly site-specific properties sought out by our customers. This industry expertise, along with our focus on a specific asset class in targeted markets, increases our ability to deliver high-quality assets, efficient operations, and superior returns. SHS’s ability to track such trends, combined with its management capability, we believe can help the funds achieve continual value and strong risk-adjusted returns.